Saturday, 14 June 2014

La fine

It is over. No more university until mid-September and I have done my last English lesson. I said my last goodbyes in the last few days. I just got caught in a crazy summer downpour on the way back from my final goodbye here. This always happens when I leave a place.  I am going home early tomorrow morning, albeit only for a few weeks. This home will however soon cease to be my home, so I guess I can rightfully call myself a bit of a nomad.  Here are a few highlights from the last three weeks.

My last visitors from Grenoble...

cheesy Italian pop at the RadioItalia concert
extravagent tombs at the monumental cemetary

Discovering Moscova

Free yoga in Parco sempione

Coping with 35 degrees celcius again

Eating a lot of Milanese food...

Brazil! Corso Buenes Aires
Ciao for now
I have been coming to this part of the world for the last five years, established friend groups and found myself integrated into Italian society. The Italian language has certainly allowed me to explore parts of myself which I didn't know existed. This departure is bittersweet, but it's definitely time to go. I look forward to my next language adventure/journey, but now it's time to spend a bit of time with the kitties, cool down and catch up on hummus consumption.

Next stop: Edinburgh, the highlands, Cornwall, Cambridge, London, Japan, Vietnam


  1. Travel on ...

    Chissà se in uno di questi giro per il mondo ci vedremo ...
    Ti lascio una bella frase di Pirandello:

    ... E solo quando non hai più casa, tutto il mondo diventa tuo. Vai e vai, poi t'abbandoni tra l'erba al silenzio dei cieli; e sei tutto e sei niente... e sei niente e sei tutto ...

    1. che bello! Mi da qualche speranza per il futuro :) Sì, sicuramente ci vedremo! Tu pensi di stare sempre in spagna?