Wednesday, 14 May 2014

miracoloso-metà maggio!

So what has been going on in the first half of May?

First of all, as pre-empted in my previous post, I went to the terme QC di Milano (the thermal baths). Having been born in Bath, I had always been curious about this Roman past time but the British prices were well outside my means and didn’t offer the whole hog. My detailed review can be found on tripadvisor.

I took no photos inside the steam rooms as it was too, well, steamy
Part of the breakfast buffet
A sauna in a tram

The trip was almost perfect, but of course nature had to reconcile this near-perfection with a small mishap. Upon exiting the last sauna of the day I had a little blackout due to the heat and slipped, breaking my right wrist and sacrum. I got to relive the rather monotonous Italian emergency room experience, waiting for a total of nine hours without wifi or a book to entertain me. I now have an annoyingly heavy cast. Aside from the pain and irritation at being incapable of doing anything properly (showering, cooking, itching under the cast), my main stress was caused by the written exam for Italian literature the following day. I was fully prepared for this exam, but apparently my arm was not. Luckily my "legend" of a teacher let me off and asked me to do a short essay instead on one author who wrote before the 19th century and one contemporary author. I am slowly getting there with my awkward one-handed typing.

Climbing or skydiving accident? Eurgh, no, I fell at the terme...

My initial thought as I broke these bones was "oh crap, now I can't go climbing". This is true. I can't swim either as I have a cast which cannot get wet, nor go running. In a nutshell, for the next few weeks I am likely to be quite inactive. If my body will be sedentary however, I have decided my mind will be active. I am continuing to teach English, I have picked up Duolingo again and I am trying to write a few short essays in each of my target languages. What's more, I have enjoyed a few afternoons reading or people watching in public spaces, such as parks and my long overdue finding, my local bio bar. I have made several trips to Viva as cooking is a bit difficult right now. I have been able to be quite the foodie...
rainbow salad

catching up on a bit of reading in my new local
Cappuccino di soia e una brioche integrale ai frutti di bosco.

I am finally finding an opportunity to use my esselunga free cinema tickets, but also taking advantage of the cheap tickets at the film festival. I have been to see Princess Mononoke and Tracks, both dubbed into Italian... I got caught up in a few events around the duomo, including an unexpected street parade.

 Thankfully light walking is still an option and I spent most of yesterday walking from one end of Milan to another in the sun with a good friend after having a lovely vegan breakfast date at Pasticceria Namura. I have also participated in a new tandem project at the university, something which Edinburgh does well and that I really miss.

Cappuccino with almond and rice milk, vegan croissant with dark chocolate

I at some point was standing in piazza del duomo and had a little bit of an unexpected last minute epiphany. The atmosphere seemed surreal, I had just left the cinema after seeing Princess Mononoke and everyone seemed in reggae mood. I watched a buskar sing a slightly discordant rendition of Imagine by John Lennon, surrounded by backpackers, against the backdrop of the cathedral. I realized that maybe I don't dislike being here so much afterall.

Phone quality... #getting a better camera soon

With the exception of one little computer related stress moment, I can honestly say breaking my arm and sacrum wasn't such a negative thing in this instance. I have had some time for me, for friends, for relaxation and recovery.

Today next stop: Deutschland. Then my remaining time here in Italy will be gone in a flash.

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