Thursday, 21 November 2013

Late November update

The surrounding mountains are covered with snow. My never ending summer has finished. What do the Starks say now? I am admittedly considering rethinking my weekend plan to visit Lyon, and instead take a day out in the mountains to play in the snow.

I have experienced many changes recently, as it seems have many others around me. I think it's seasonal. Autumn is a time for renewal, the leaves fall of the trees, many cycles end, decay is rampant. At the same time, there is still that cosy need to cuddle up in bed with a mug of something warm, preferably hot chocolate or mulled wine, and watch a good movie.

I think it's worth also observing the changes in myself. I read the earlier post which I wrote about myself. Whilst it is still clear to me that I am an introvert by nature, I think I am capable of occasionally showing extroverted qualities. I went to a club for the first time in ages on Friday, got comfortably drunk and had fun with friends and strangers. The music and company made it fun. Not saying I am going to engage in this kind of thing every week, but every so often it's fun to let yourself go a bit.

I miss hardly anything about home. Other than my cats and BBC iplayer, but only for what will be airing on Saturday: the Day of the Doctor. How can I not watch it as it appears on live television? How can I go out for the day, knowing that there is a risk that I will not make it back in time? Oh the problems of being an expat.

My recent silence on this blog was mainly due to university work. I don't actually have too much of it, but the knowledge that I had it made me feel guilty about wasting time on "trivial" pursuits such as blogging. I had three class tests and a commentary. The commentary was on Descartes' le Discours de la Méthode. I think it was pretty dire. I got pretty good pass marks for the linguistic history and Italian translation exams, and am still waiting to get my French grammar grade. For the non-credit bearing optional French intensive language course I got a certificate in the post saying I am at B2 level. Not so bad :)

I have also started volunteering at a hospice every Friday and I guess I will be able to write a blog post looking at that in more detail.

It's hard to believe that my mother will be visiting me in exactly a month, and a week later I will be leaving Grenoble. I am kind of tempted to stay for New Year, having had such a lovely time here and having met some really great people. My flight is already booked though, and it'd have to be a damn good NY party to justify paying £100 to modify the flight date. As an alternative I am considering London. It would be nice to catch up with some old friends who I haven't seen in years, and set foot in one of my favourite cities with two of my favourite people after 4 years of abstention. 

The Christmas market is popping up this weekend.  Exams are looming on the fast-approaching horizon. Too much chocolate is being consumed (reminder to self, buy some cereal this week)...

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