Saturday, 21 January 2012

Late for resolutions, I know...

It's almost February, the time of year when everyone forgets that they resolved to give up smoking, go on a diet or stop procrastinating. Ironically, I have just made my new years resolutions. Maybe the late date is a good signifier that I'm not just hyped up by the crowd, but can maintain the following resolutions well beyond Spring at the very least.

1. Practice yoga every morning and attend iyengar classes on mondays. Yoga not only helps one understand their body and mind, but really implants a desire to keep both healthy. Breathing is so important in yoga, for me this is of crucial importance as often I become timid when I lose control of my breathing in a moment of suspense.

2. Spend less, but stay healthy. This means buying as many fresh vegetables as possible every week from lidls and local greengrocers to make soups, stews and interesting salads. Preparing everything from fresh ingredients is so much cheaper than buying everything pre-made. Buy NO more pasta or rice until the stuff in the cupboard has been used.

3. Cut back on dairy, it creates a minefield on my face, makes me tired and I don't particularly like the idea of the sourcing. Instead, use a variety of different alternatives to milk, lentils, beans, yellow split peas, soya and seitan.

4. Do the Zenith exercises from my French book, I noticed how little I have used that book even though the work is supposedly required for the orals, though I might as well make use of it!

5. I am 4 weeks ahead so far, but stick to that! A stress free holiday, innovative learning week and possibility to have a life are and will be very much appreciated.

(A great motivation, the prospect of this!)

6. Commence one of the other projects I had abandoned hope of during childhood: music theory. Keep going with the Italian chorus in order to gain practice! Perhaps find a course and get involved in summer.

7. Read more articles in French and Italian... Watch more foreign films for pleasure and visit the French institute more often!

8. Continue working on self confidence, I'm getting there :)

9. Write more, not just here, but in my personal diary. Even if it is about the mundane everyday thoughts.

10. Ten, just to make this a rounded number, do more stuff with other people. I get enough invites but so often turn them down, say yes more!

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