Tuesday, 4 October 2011

I lay in bed last night thinking I wanted to write something down immediately, but I fell asleep and now it is forgotten. I have been a little dizzy recently, overwhelmed in plans and the prospect of intense work. I need to do a class presentation in French next week, I signed up for the first as speaking exercises make me feel physically sick, and if I do it first I won't have to think about it again, not until next semester anyway... The strange thing is that I actually enjoy all this.

Changing to languages was a very wise decision. The most thought'through idea I have had in years perhaps, every idea before that has loosely been based on potential interest. I am actually finding the homework stimulating, making full use of youtube and wordreference and enjoying filling in regularly my vocabulary books. It is so satisfying, honestly.

There are a few things I wish I could change, I am doing yoga and salsa to keep my mind at ease, the gym last year was probably a big mistake, it just made me feel that monotonous void. My new choices are relaxing, stimulating, fulfilling. The job front is still failing, I was offered a job at a lovely patisserie way out from the city centre, yet I have now had no response regarding my CV. I should have really claimed a job during the fringe. There is one thing missing which is not my responsibility now to find. Something less physical, more fluid, I promise I have done all I can. No more tears.

I will do that irregular verbs in past remote soon, I just feel like procrastinating.

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