Saturday, 7 May 2011

Yes, I guess that's how I learn languages, almost mindless repetition alongside many italian films with italian subtitles, easy reads and speaking to as many natives as I can find. This summer I'll be making things even more practical in both Italian, as an intermediate I guess, and as a beginner in French (i won't lie, I forgot more or less everything).

My plan is to start studying from the day the day I finish exams. 2 hours Italian, 2 hours french a day. I will use livemocha to get myself to a basic level and to assist in learning the proper accent, whilst reading through French grammar and immediately trying to use grammar techniques in simple written and oral exercises. I will also buy GCSE French, to make sure I AT LEAST regain a GCSE level, though obviously my aim will be to succeed it. I will also be using teach yourself 'instant' French, and whilst I realise you can't become fluent instantly, it will ease the transition from knowing nothing to feeling comfortable using basic conversational phrases and grammar. To ensure that my Italian improves, I will begin to read il gattopardo slowly, taking in the detail and using a dictionary as soon as this semester ends. I will also watch films in Italian, and try as often as possible to speak to natives, whilst keeping an eye on the grammar books and my vocabulary lists, speaking to myself at every opportunity, to ensure that I don't forget what I have already studied.

I will read the French literature in English over the summer, obviously because my french will be inadequate for a while. I will however try to watch French films as soon as possible. Another aim is to sharpen up my knowledge of the histories of both italy and france, perhaps looking in detail at areas of interest. Being in both France and Italy will enable me to take a more practical approach at times, exploring museums and trying to read historical information in the language.

To further aid my studies, I will gather resources the entire time, brochures (opuscoli, lo so che e' una parola dificile per me ricordare e cosi', lo scrivo qui!), packages of food and drink, magazines, museum plaques, biglietti, qualsiasi cose che le trovero'!

Vorrei che un giorno, quando sono stanca la lingua piu' facile parlare sarebbe l'italiano, ma per ora sono piu' brava ad inglese, ovviamente, anche se quando sto scrivendo le cose semplici, non devo pensare in inglese. Normalmente sto traducendo le frasi nella mia mente. E' una cosa bella, ad imparare una lingua. Mi sento come la mia anima cresce un po' ogni giorno, specialmente quando imparo una parola bella come strapalacrime, moscerini (lo so che sono orribile, ma la parola e' dolce, lo sai che amo 'ino'), azzuro (anche se e' vicino ad 'azzure', mi piace molto il vocalo), e molte altre parole, come sgomberare, inquilina, malandrini, birochino etc!

Un'altra cosa, ho trovato una casa per l'anno prossimo, beh, voglio dire che ho trovato un APPARTAMENTO. Ma e' bello, c'e' una vista di arthurs seat, e non c'e' un carpeto, vuol dire che sara' facile da pulire. L'unico problema e' che e' piu' lontano dall'universita, ma non mi preoccupo troppo perche' ora ho ragione di comprare una bicicletta! Sara' come l'estate in italia! Solo fara' un po' piu' freddo...

Scusami per l'italiano... I mean sorry for the italian. No I'm not, this is a blog of positiveness and productivity and I'm enjoying myself. I promise however that soon there will be some interesting reviews, contemplative posts and rants...

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