Tuesday, 24 May 2011

So my language learning is going well, though it does not yet seem likely to reach my goals by the end of the summer, so need to get a move on. Due to the inconsistencies of French pronunciation, I have put considerable effort into listening to French on Youtube, CDs and music with subtitles in order to get a clearer idea of how to pronounce words. As for Italian, I'm trying to read some books and I have a new idea to try and write a diary in Italian AND French every day. I can never start making errors in the latter until I actually try and write something, even if I barely know any verbs! It will be a good method to acquire some vocabulary. Of course, the French 'diary' will begin with basic phrases, hopefully some day I will instead write about philosophical thoughts, gossip and be able to express myself, even if through a less expressive medium.

One week til Rome, three months in Italy and just over two weeks in France; I'm so unbelievably hyper, titillated one might say! It has been so cold here in the past week; I continuously shiver and reynaulds has effected me in a harsh manner, the climate has been inconsistent and by and large, unsympathetic. I am sure the 'zanzare' will feel in an equally charitable mood when I set foot in Italia very soon... That is to say, IF I do. Edinburgh airport is closed thanks to another large gust of volcanic ash blown over from Iceland. BE OPEN next week.

Aside from holidays and languages, I watched a film today entitled NEDS. The film takes place in some dodgy suburb in Glasgow, where a bunch of NEDS get involved in gang crime. It is a film which really shows to the audience scenes of social realism, stabbings, alcoholism and drug abuse. It also conjures up the atmosphere of a place that seems so full of hopelessness, we could associate with the french idea of enui. To those who do not know what a NED is, I suppose the closest equivalent I am familiar with is the chav. NED stands for 'non educated delinquent', obviously a derogative term for those in lower classes who never had access to a proper education, or just became involved in rebellious activities and gang culture. Despite having said that the film tackles a high degree of social realism, I feel very much that it highlighted the wrong motives as to why someone would take up a life like this. Though coming out with some scenes of extreme brutality, it was somewhat unbelievable that the protagonist became entangled and so engrossed in this lifestyle.

That said, go see it. If you are not an English mother tongue (or even if you are...), you are likely to encounter some difficulties understanding the thick Glaswegian accent which is in just about every other scene. This is a reason for which I would compare NEDs with Gomorrah. Also, like Gomorrah, NEDs is not really a film one would watch for pleasure. Rather, it is a film we are compelled to watch through curiosity, with hope of a real but safe glimpse into another social context.

Ora un po' di pratica...Maintenant un peu de pratique.

Cher lecteur,

ça va? ça va très bien, merci. Je m'appelle Elizabeth, e toi? Comment tu t'appelles? Qui est ta mère? Ceci est ma mère. Elle s'appelle Jacqueline. Ceci est mon père. Il s'appelle Jonathan. Mon amie s'appelle Klara, tandis mon ami s'appelle Roberto. Qui sont'ils? Sont mes frères, ils s'appellent Mark et Craig. Sont de Payes de Galles. Je suis anglais, signifie que je suis de l'Angleterre. J'ai dixneuf ans. Tu as quel âges? Qu'est ce que c'est chose en anglais ou italienne? A thing o una cosa. Aujourd'hui, je fais mes devoirs per les langues français et italienne. Je ne suis pas allè à l'université parce que elle est fermé.

C'est un chien, comme en italienne, le mot est masculin. Cependant, le mot 'mot' est masculin en français (un mot), à moin que en italienne, ou est un mot femelle (una parola).

Quel dommage que les mots ne sont pas le mêmes! Infatti, sarebbe molto più facile per noi! Communque, penso che dopo tre mesi, poterò fare qualche frase semplice, ma con una grammatica corretta. Penso che la conoscenza della lingua italiana (anche se molto limitata) e il fatto che studiavo il francese quando ero più giovane mi aiuteranno. Ho molto tempo comunque, e posso divertirlo con i film, la musica (questa mattina ho cantato 'la complainte de la butte' in francese, ma anche 'scale e arpeggi' dagli aristogatti in italiano, sembra decisamente come un buon modo da imparare una lingua).

à bientôt!
Ciao, mon petit chou! SI AMO questa espressione =)

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