Wednesday, 18 May 2011

One more day of doom and gloom, a morning of suspense and anticipation and probably two more sleepless nights...

Then I will be free. Strange concept, freedom, and four months of it. I seriously can't wait for this to be over!! In one day I've made an attempt to cover the renaissance period and about 800 years of Islam! Whilst ensuring I'm keeping in my head for information for early medieval and Netherlandish. It's crazy.

Still, studying certain aspects is making me excited for studying them in my own time, avoiding the boring bits and skipping to the best bits. Fresh on Roman, medieval, and baroque history will certainly allow me a slightly more knowledgeable trip to Italy this summer, Florence and in the North. That said, I can't imagine myself ever taking the role of a pretentious art historian, explaining to people about the personification of justice, the attributes of tridents or the much debated theories of symbolism. If I know a fact sure I'll comment on it if asked, but why intellectually masturbate yourself for the sake of it? Yes after studying history of art, I've grown to realise how much bull*** goes into history of art, well, I knew it anyway but having not studied it would have been called ignorant. To say that is only for a very, umm...elite circle.

I can't wait to start learning French and have the time to better my Italian, foreign films, books, a bit of Wikipedia. To sleep in late without guilt will be a nice experience. I'm going to bake some bread so good that it will probably break my mum's diet (not difficult I confess), watch doctor who and enjoy reading a very inconsequential novel. Very good motivation indeed.

Bring on the day after tomorrow (here we should adopt an Italian word, dopodomani, it would save precious time, unlike I'm doing here).

Anyway, off to bed to do yet more cramming.
I look forward to a peaceful night of sleep, I really really do. If you can sleep well at the moment, you're very very lucky. Count yourself lucky.

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