Friday, 13 May 2011

It's just when you're about to leave a place for a bit that you realise how much you appreciate it. Oh so damn cliche', but it's true. When I left the south west I wasn't sorry, I had too many bad associations with it. Now that I'm about to leave for an almost four month summer away from this city, I've realised how much I'll miss it. Though I may have exams at the moment and be stressed beyond belief, yesterday after some last day revision for the Roman World, I decided to take a walk.

It was sunny, a week of hardcore study, I was certainly deserved. After curving my way through the discovery centre, strolling path Hollyrood palace I continued to ascend the Salisbury crags. With a panoramic view of the city, my mind was temporarily taken away from my anxious head space. Spanish tourists stood holding onto the crags to prevent themselves being blown away, whilst look mesmerised by the view before them. That kind of face expression which defined my emotion as I arrived in the amazon rainforest, saw fireflies and stars in Kerala, or looked out over the vast emptiness of death valley. As I proceeded along the narrow walkway, feeling as though I might have blown away at any moment, I thought to myself, 'I am really lucky, to be here'. At the furthest edge of the crag I looked down, at that point feeling a tremendous sense of vertigo (occasionally clinging to tough deep rooted weeds when a massive gust of wind passed my way!), and saw my future home.

Yes, I have a flat for next year, and I forgot to mention it. It's a comfortable flat, pine wooden flooring, two double bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, large enough living room. The balcony is the real thing that sealed the deal. There is the most astounding view in Edinburgh, I'm sure, a colourful composition including Arthurs seat and Salisbury crags. My dad will also be relieved, there is a lift! The only issue is the distance from the city, I will undoubtedly need a bike next year. I suppose my new shopping centre will also be morningside, which suits me better anyway, I will just have to avoid spending money on food!

So in a week's time I'll be free. That's an exciting thought, yet disturbing at the same time. Learning has become such an ecstatic pleasure for me, I don't want to stop. But I won't, I have 4 months, for almost two of those months I'll be in enrolled in summer schools to learn French and Italian in Florence and Antibes. Besides travelling and spending precious time with my anima gemella, I will be most certainly reading and studying of my own accord, beside seeing some of the things I have studied this year. Childish as it may seem, I strongly associate my spontaneous and half-thought-out trip to Athens with the the great tours of members of the Roman elite, such as Nero and Hadrian. I feel I am returning to this continent after a while of neglecting it, and need to sharpen up on my culture.

Dieci cose che faro' quando saro' libera.

1. Get started with learning French

2. Concentrate more on Italian. I have been too distracted by history of art.

3. Read books for next year. Okay this isn't really appearing to be a list of freedom, but I will read books for pleasure as well.

4. Get ready for the summer, have a week in Rome, racing around seeing as much as possible, this time visiting Tivoli and Ostia Antica. Do the same in Greece, but in a slightly more Hellenistic manner... Speak Italian with as many people as possible.

5. Try out some amateur theatre company in Florence, if there's anything going on when I'm there.

6. Have a day in pyjamas, eating cake, drinking coffee, reading novels, watching foreign films. All without necessity.

7. Try and bake some Italian foccacia bread, that type which they sell in Italy covered with salt and rosemary, which NEVER seems to come that way here, even in the best of shops.

8. Spend a lot of time on wikipedia, playing pokemon in Italian and not really understanding what moves I am making until it's too late.

9. Catch up on the doctor who series I'll have missed, I'll ask dad to mail the series to Italy, even if that does mean inflicting it upon Roberto...

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