Sunday, 1 May 2011

Bloody HELL get your act together! Two weeks until my first exam, and the one I feel the least sure about. Ancient Rome.

Here's a firm plan. If I make plans I stick to them.

2nd-Anna comes at 13:00. Morning in library or at home studying 9-12. Mind maps of lectures. Review them and history of art stuff in evening.

3rd-More mind mapping for ancient rome. Also some for key topics in history of art. Look over italian vocab. Walking in glen doll in the afternoon? Start packing for edinburgh.

4th-Early morning revision again. Mind mapping of ancient rome and history of art. Anna leaves. Review notes, reading. Practice italian in evening. Finish packing for edinburgh-books, exam materials etc.

5th-Early morning to edinburgh. Tidy flat. Return books to italian library. Head to university library. Stay there are long as possible. Maybe meet someone to study with in evening.

6th-9-4 studies
7th 9-4 library (library can be exchanged with coffee shop, the meadows if its warm)
8th 9-4 library
9th 9-4 library
10th 9-4 library
11th 9-4library
12th 9-4 library
13th-Ancient Rome exam
14th-language lab and art history library
15th language lab and art history library
16th language lab and art history library
17th- Italian exam
18th Review images and time periods, read
19th Review everything again.
20th- History of art exam...then...FREEDOM!

Yes I realise I like organising things.
Also, constantly think of potential exam questions and mindmap them. Organise potential answers in head.
Keep fresh Italian in head by using it and reading vocab lists, short texts, watching films, speaking to Roberto.

Motivation list.

1. If I fail I have to come home in August
2. If I fail and I don't come home in August I leave university and can't study italian and french.
3. I will have a happy summer knowing I'll be studying languages afterward, whilst heightening my cultural experience in mainland europe.
4. It's just three weeks, then it'll be over and I can play pokemon, sleep in late, bake bread and read books that aren't useful for my degree without guilt.
5. I'll start studying french.
6. I won't have to do it again if I do really well this time.
7. 2 weeks can be a long time if I use it constructively.
8. The knowledge will allow me to be a walking talking guidebook this summer in rome and florence...
9. It would be interesting... if it weren't being imposed on me.
10. No more reasons. Just a relief and something I'll never have to do again will be out of the way and I'll be that bit closer to graduating, being multilingual and seguendo il mio cuore in un paese lontano da qui.

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  1. Looks like you will have a busy time. In bocca al lupo, and remember all the bnefits which will come if you do very well (and you WILL) ^^